Monday, January 11, 2010

New year, higher bag fees!

Delta Air Lines is raising its fees for checked bags on all flights flown on or after January 12, 2010. The new rates for domestic1 flights are:
  • $23 for the first bag, with an additional $2 surcharge for paying at the airport (rather than prepaying online); and

  • $32 for a second bag, with an additional $3 surcharge.

If you bought your ticket prior to January 5, 2010, you'll be "grandfathered" in at the old rates. Anyone who bought tickets on or since January 5, though, should anticipate paying the higher fees.

Now, I tend to be pretty defensive of the airlines these days, because they've lost so much money and continue to lose money despite these fees. But I've about had it with these luggage fees. Why does it cost as much to fly a single bag from Point A to Point B as it does to rent a car for a whole day?

If fares are too low, raise fares. Quit with the gimmicks.

1 Domestic flights are those flown between the 50 United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

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