Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deciding on a trip

The week leading up to Independence Day is one during which Gwen has a rare break. No work, no school; genuine free time. It's the ideal time to consider a trip.

Continental has fare specials to Hong Kong right now. We could go for four days (in-country time, or ICT) for about $800 per person. United has similar fare specials to Australia, for about the same price. It's tempting.

But should we go?

Even an avid traveler like me is not immune to the inertia, the inclination to do nothing. Yes, there's free time; what if we just spent that time around town? There's nothing wrong with that, certainly. But I can be at home any time, right?

On the other hand, my mind argues with itself, you never are just "at home." You're always planning to go somewhere else.

And that's basically true: my time spent at home is the hours between those spent at work. So, to travel, or to stay put?

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