Monday, May 4, 2009

Alaska: Pillows no more!

Effective immediately, Alaska Airlines no longer has pillows or blankets on its planes.

This unexpected move has been billed as a response to the (for some reason) dreaded "swine flu," a headline-grabbing variation of the ordinary flu that thus far has killed so few people that it shouldn't even be in the news but instead has driven Americans in particular to near-panic.

I don't doubt, per se, that Alaska Airlines has the best interests of its passengers in mind. Really. Alaska Airlines is a good airline, its flight attendants are friendly, and in general, you can expect good service.

But history suggests that a benefit, once removed, is gone for good. So I wonder: now that Alaska has pounced on this opportunity for health reasons, will the pillows and blankets stay off of its planes to help the company's bottom line?

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