Tuesday, March 3, 2009

JetBlue, direct to Costa Rica

On March 26, JetBlue Airways will begin new service to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) from Orlando (MCO) with fares starting at around $99 each way. Adding taxes and fees, that's around $250 for a round-trip.

Later this year, New York-based JetBlue is on track to add service to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. (Check out their route map.) Denver-based Frontier added Costa Rica to its list of destinations in late 2008 and other low-cost carriers are looking to branch out as well.

Given the dire state of the economy and declining passenger numbers for all of the airlines, it's nice to see that these airlines are moving forward with confidence.

U.S. Airways' CEO, meanwhile, is wondering how he can cut further capacity and talking about the need for consolidation. Here's an idea, Mr. Parker: why don't you just go out of business and give your planes to airlines that have a future?

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