Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Helicopter ride, anyone?

You're probably already aware of Continental's partnership with U.S. Helicopter, which provides flights from Continental's Terminal C at Newark-Liberty International Airport to the Midtown and Wall Street heliports in Manhattan. At 8 minutes, it's a time saver that trumps the bus, the NJ Transit line, or even that $70+ cab ride. But if you're like me, you've always opted to go with one of those other options because, well, aren't helicopter rides expensive?

Yes, they are--or at least, they were until now! Continental is offering one heck of a special: buy Coach-class tickets for travel for any day through October 31, and you can add that one-way helicopter segment for just $45 (instead of the usual fare starting at $179). Oh, and if you happen to be flying full-fare Coach (Class Y) or First Class? Those lucky folks can get their one-way helicopter trip for free.

Now, a caveat: to qualify for the $45 rate, you need to be traveling on a Class H Coach fare, which may be (but isn't always) more expensive than the cheapest available fare. Also, there's no mention in the special of a discount offer to the airport from one of the Manhattan heliports. But $45 really is a good deal, so if you've been looking to take a helicopter ride, this is your chance.

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