Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Coffee that Never Came

I had another flight with AirTran yesterday. It was a rebooking of the flight canceled on Friday, so I was in Business Class (having paid for my $49 upgrade previously).

True to typical AirTran form, four of the twelve seats in Business Class were occupied by children, but they were well behaved. Accordingly, their presence didn't draw my attention except to note that, indeed, not all children feel the need to scream and run around on airplanes, and not all parents think that such behavior is "cute."

On this trip, my annoyance came down to a cup of coffee.

Aside from a roomier seat, the trademarks of AirTran Business Class accommodations are free drinks and an assortment of snacks. I got my Bacardi & Diet Coke without incident, albeit surprised that the airline carries no lemons or limes and that I was instead offered me a packet of lemon juice. When the attendant came back to collect trash, though, he asked if we wanted anything else, and I asked for coffee. He said that some was brewing and he'd bring it to me.

Twenty minutes later, they announced that we'd begun our descent. No coffee.

I could have yelled for an attendant, of course--the "call" button wasn't working--and not getting coffee is hardly the end of the world. It's also not necessarily a reason to avoid AirTran. But I put the example on the table for readers so they can be clear on one point: AirTran offers "Big-Seat-in-Front-of-Plane" but not real "Business Class;" the service just isn't there.

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