Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eos joins list of bankrupt airlines

Eos, which launched the concept of the all-business class airline with its celebrated debut in 2004, announced today that it is filing for bankruptcy and ceasing operations. Like other airlines, Eos fell victim in part to high fuel prices resulting from $120-per-barrel oil as well as to a softening economy.

Several airlines, including British Airways and Continental Airlines, have announced plans to accommodate Eos travelers. (Doing so is relatively easy since Eos operated only a single router, New York-JFK to London-Stansted.)

According to the FAQ posted on its Web site, Eos had attempted to secure new funding but was unable to do so. Its operations will cease April 28, 2008. Points accrued in its Club 48 frequent flyer program are subject to bankruptcy court findings but will likely be worthless.

So, let's see: MAXjet, Aloha, ATA, Frontier, SkyBus, Eos... the bankruptcy list is getting crowded. Good thing that the U.S. continues to shoulder the bulk of the costs for the Iraq government, because otherwise they'd have to spend some of that oil money.

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